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Photo Essay: The Gym Experience

Ever worked out at a gym? If not, you should get started. The gym experience is both fun and healthy in every workout. I personally exercise with others and I would recommend the same to anyone starting. At Family Fitness on October 7th 2012, it was a typical rainy day and most members were not present. However, I did not fail to capture the most dedicated members throughout the gym.

Family Fitness has three separate sections. Physiomed on the left is specifically for women and the Dr. Weight Loss clinic is self-explanatory (weight loss training).

Forgot to bring a drink? No fear! Guests and members are free to purchase drinks and snacks near the entrance.

Employees never rest when it comes to making sales with customers.

Advertisements are all over the gym and are mostly used to motivate their members.

The gym is a business. Its employees are hard working…

but still have fun on the job.

Rock climbing machine for the kids in ‘Play Zone’ (children’s gym room).


Starting a workout with cardio on the treadmill.

Working out your abs can always be fun.

Dedicated members in the boxing room.

Boxing is a great way to let off steam and get in shape at the same time.

The gym also offers a basketball court for those who love sports.

In the aerobics room, members create a bootcamp to help each other in achieving their goals.

Special thanks to Mindy Mahon and Lily Piekos.